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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

February 2011 issue of The Voice

Our March 2011 issue of The Voice is ready!

The newest issue of The Voice is complete. This 8 page issue covers a diverse number of subjects, and we are sure you will find all articles to be interesting.

Inside you will find:
‘No Need to Go to Switzerland’, an article that explains how our own Client Support Program can offer you dignity at the end-of-life while working within the current Canadian Laws. (Page 1)

‘Youth: A Fountain of Hope’, a beautifully written story by a DWD Canada member on the experiences by her entire family around her mother’s death. (Page 3)

‘Financial Feature’, is a two-page spread that explains where the organization is sitting financially and the various ways we can all help – you’ll be amazed at how easy some of them are. (Pages 4 and 5)

‘The Political Bullies in America Have Won’ and ‘Victory in Montana’ Two articles on what is happening just to the South of us.  (Page 6 and 7)

And 8 full pages of ever so much more.

As always, we are thankful to our members and supporters who had submitted pieces for this issue. Thank you all so much!

To access the most recent issue of The Voice, please click here.

And remember, all of our past issues of The Voice are available on the New & Noteworthy Section of our website, as well as other downloadable informaiton.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter – we welcome any comments, compliments and feedback.

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