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Monday, April 12, 2010

Study: Parents Weigh Hastening End for Dying Children

Watching a child suffer from a fatal illness is undoubtedly one of the greatest agonies a parent can face. Less discussed, however, are the lengths to which a parent may be willing to go to end such pain.

An intriguing new study led by doctors at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston aimed to explore that question through a series of interviews conducted with 141 parents whose children had died of cancer.


  1. has this blog been suspended?

  2. No, the blog has not been suspended. Or, perhaps, it has gone into suspended animation. However, the blog manager has decided to withdraw his posts until such time that Dying with Dignity Canada has clarified its stand on assisted dying.

    Until now it has been held that Dying with Dignity supports only assisted dying for those who are terminally ill, in the sense understood in Oregon, within six months of their expected deaths. The blog manager is in striking disagreement with this position, because it would rule out cases, such as Sue Rodriguez's, and people with similar degenerative conditions in which this prognosis may not have been able to be made. When Dying with Dignity has made up its mind in a direction consonant with the blog manager's position, the blog will resume. If it does not make up its mind in this direction, then it is possible that another blog manager will be sought.

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